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Countdown to Ft. Gibson

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Mission Statement
Page Created By: Ashton Cooper Date : 11/30/2017

It is our belief at Coweta that our roles as coachesis to not only shape our athletes into wrestlers who can compete at the highestlevel but to also stress the importance of building character, class and workethic.  We will do our best to make surethat we are making these kids into well behaved and respectful young adults whovalue hard work in the class room and in the wrestling room.


Wrestling is a sport thatbuilds character. Our sport has a culture that is unique to us. Our team willnot find success without commitment, dedication, and hard work. Coweta is richwith wrestling tradition and it is our job to maintain the integrity of thattradition. We know that every individual will achieve at different levels, butour goal is that every individual on our team gains something valuable fromthis sport. We will demand the same commitment from everyone on our team. Everyindividual with his own uniqueness has the opportunity to take part in oursport. We transform boys into men not only physically, but also in terms ofunderstanding the value of commitment, accountability, and responsibility.


Being a member of theCoweta Wrestling Program will also demand that you succeed academically, aswell as athletically, and that you will treat fellow students and teachers withthe utmost respect. There is no room in this program for individuals who don’tknow how to act in the classroom, on the mat, and out in public. Anything lessthan a positive attitude will not be tolerated. Violation of this these things will result in punishment.


As a Coweta wrestler, youwill need to accept the fact that the team, in most instances, is moreimportant than yourself. You must be willing to move up a weight class, if needbe, or possibly sit out if it means an advantage for the team. Your individualwin-loss record is not as important as the win-loss record of this team. Ourteam consists of wrestlers, their parents, coaches, and school officialscoordinating their efforts toward the same common goal – winning a State Championshipat the varsity level.

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