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Coweta Wrestling Handbook
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Wresting is widelyregarded as the toughest scholastic sport offered.  Each wrestlers will face extreme adversitydaily that requires these young men to leave their comfort zone with almosteverything we do.  Of all the sports, wrestlingis the only sport where the athletes are required to function in extremeconditions.  Wrestlers often pride theirselves in the ability to not only survive but excel in these conditioning. Ourtraining will force your child to overcome these obstacles with hard work anddetermination.  These challenges aredesigned to insure that they are physically and mentally ready to face whatevermay come their way.  The work ethic andcharacter each wrestler must display to simply participate will care over toevery aspect in their life. Setting high standards for ourselves means that wepush to improve ourselves every day in everything we do. We seek the bestcompetition, the best workout partner, and the best technique. We strive forperfection and set the standard for what others wish they were because we arenot afraid of the challenge to go beyond what others expect.


“Once you have wrestled,everything else in life is easy” (Dan Gable)


Wrestlers train long andhard each day to spend only six minutes on the mat in actual combat. It is herein these long hours of training and conditioning that the wrestler earnsrespect of the other wrestlers, the sport, the community, the sport alumni andcoaches. For this hard training is done without fanfare, without spectators,and many other times without the consideration of those outside the sport.  Probably the greatest contribution thewrestler makes to his character is self-sacrifice and discipline. No sport requiresmore sacrifice than wrestling.


It is due to these hours,days, weeks, months and years of hard work, sweating, drilling and preparingthat, I as a coach, have the greatest respect and admiration for each wrestler.

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